Super-Pozz® is a new generation cement enhancer, which can supply all-round benefits to various cementitious systems.

Super-Pozz® is a highly reactive ultra-fine pozzolan which improves workability, strength and lowers permeability. Tests have shown that Super-Pozz® can produce concrete with comparable strength and durability performance to that achieved with other highly reactive pozzolans such as silica fume.

What Super-Pozz® is not?
Super-Pozz® is more than just another pozzolan. With its unique chemistry, high reactivity and ultra fine particle size, Super-Pozz® can produce concrete with superior technical performance. Unlike silica fume, which increases water demand, Super-Pozz® actively reduces water demand producing higher strengths. This property coupled with its high pozzolanicity and efficient cementitious binder packing, produces a dense, impermeable concrete with improved durability.Super-Pozz® reacts with the free lime (calcium hydroxide) produced by hydrating cement; resulting in the formation of additional calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) gel.

Super-Pozz® can be used in various cementitious applications like high performance concrete, precast concrete, ready-mix concrete, pre-bag formulations, self-compacting and sprayed concrete applications.

The Main benefits of using Super-Pozz® are:
»Reduced water demand of a concrete mix
»Use of more cost effective admixtures dosages
»Improved workability and flow characteristics
»Higher early strengths resulting from lower w/c ratio
»Better ultimate strengths
»Increased durability
»Good surface finish
»Reduced shrinkage

»As used in South Deep Gold Mine Project, South Africa, SFRS Lining to Destressed Zone, Fulton's Commendation Award(2001)
»As used as a high performance pozzolan in MSc. Project "Ultra High Strength Concrete Using Conventional Casting" by Anna Tsartsari - Concrete Society Trust Student Award, UK.
(Nov 2001)

Super-Pozz® is manufactured by Micron MaterialsTM, which operates a ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System. Micron MaterialsTM strives to supply superior quality functional materials to the building, civil engineering and manufacturing industries.

Micron MaterialsTM is a division of Ash Resources (Pty) Limited, South Africa.