Innovation for the third Millennium

Mining in the 21st Century with
Super-Pozz® Technology

As the demands and challenges facing the mining industry increase so does the requirements for high performance underground solutions.
In keeping with our reputation and innovation, Micron MaterialsTM has developed Super-Pozz® making high performance underground concretes a practical option for a wide range of applications:

  • Durable, Wet sprayed concrete
  • High strength roadway concretes
  • Ore pass Lining
  • Self compacting concrete / Shaft lining
  • Grouting

Super-Pozz® is the new generation concrete additive. With its unique particle size distribution and spherical shape, Super-Pozz® makes concrete exceptionally flowable without the need for additional water. Super-Pozz® is finer than cement and highly reactive. Concrete incorporating Super-Pozz® can be transported long distances and is easily placed. Hardened Super-Pozz® concrete is the highest quality in terms of strength and durability. All these features are critical for ground support, control and stabilisation.

The innovation of Super-Pozz® technically ensures a safe working environment and improved efficiencies whilst providing concrete solutions to the mining industry.

Go with the flow... Go Super-Pozz®