Super-Pozz® is available in:
  1. 25 kg paper bags
  2. 1 metric tons Jumbo bags

For Local Deliveries (South Africa):

  • Super-Pozz® is available in 25 kg paper bags with plastic inner-liner. Standard packing is 1,5 ton pallets (60 x 25 kg bags)
  • Super-Pozz® is available in 1 ton Jumbo bags, with a plastic inner lining
  • Super-Pozz® is also supplied in bulk-tanker

For International Deliveries:

  • Super-Pozz® is supplied in break bulk consignments or in containers. The product is packed in 1 ton polypropylene Jumbo bags, with a waterproof inner liner. In Containers, 20 metric tons can be packed in a 20ft container.
  • When supplying Super-Pozz® in 25kg bags, the product is packed on wooden pallets of 2 metric tons, shrink wrapped and strapped. 10 pallets (20mt) are packed into a 20ft container.